Your mab for diving with Coral reefs

The sea isn’t a place to get tanned and swim . It’s a whole world full of amazing creatures and colourful reefs . Let’s take a tour around the world and vist the best places to dive into this magnificent beauty .

Elphinstone reefs in Marsa Allam
Elphinstone is one of the world’s best known places for diving . They are 30 km from the coast of Marsa Allam . One of the best diving sites south the red sea . The water is so deep and many of the white sharks hang around . Sometimes the shark whale too .

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Bahrain is blessed with one of the most diving , for pearl , sites . Shetaya is famous for its Oyster pearl . It’s also one of the best for amateur fishers and pearl hunters .

Bou Omamah
One of the Nature Reserves in Bahrain . With diverse fish group . There you can see the known market fish , ornamental fish and many of other marine creature especially loggerheads .

Hoarafushi island , Maldives
The clear water around the island makes it a fantastic place for diving . There you can dive into the most wonderful marine life in the world .


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