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The drowned plane in A’kaba attracts many tourists to Jordon

ترجمة_ أحمد إبراهيم

 The sunk plane in the bottom of A’kaba bay has attracted many visitors and drivers from all over the world, As the president of A’kaba Diving organisation ,Omar Madaeen, said , there are a few planes in the bottom of the seas and have their special audience .

” The sunk military plane souther the bay and opposite the Jordanian shores is a distinguished site that attracts many visitors and divers . The plane is 16 metres beneath the water and that gives the opportunity of a long diving experience “,said Madaeen .

“The authorities concern a lot about the driving tourism . We’ve noticed that the plane wreck attract many divers especially, after decreasing the pressure of the site ”
The wreckage was specially treated to allow the reefs around to grow . The gave the plane a touch of art ,as if it’s a full size painting .

The plane was drowned in an enormous party sponsored by his highness prince Hamza Ben Alhussien and many respectable guests to improme tourism in Jordon especially , diving tourism .

And the results came out quickly . In the next day, more than 150 divers from all over the world came to enjo diving in the bay and watching the drowned plane .

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