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 The Chinese Lilliput will take you to a whole different world

ترجمة_ أحمد إبراهيم

The famous fictions of thr British author Jonathan Swift can turn into real . This really happened in the Chinese ” Lilliput ” village ” Yangsi Sishwan” western China where 75% of the inhabitants are dwarfs!

Into Kunming forests about 100 dwarfs have built their properties in a village and called Lilliput , trying to stop the racism from othe giant normal people . Luckily,the village has become a tourism destination for visitor from all over the world . They come to see how the life in this kingdom goes on . Especially,when all the are 130 cm tall or less and their ages are between 18 to 40 .

The village is real kingdom . One of the dwarfs was crowned a king . They have all the establishments like police station , hospital and extinguisher . The houses were designed to look like mushrooms , this makes vistors experience the feeling of living in cartoon fairy tail .

And for more cuteness , the dwarfs wear costumes like the ones in famous fairy tails ,organise many ceremonies and perform plays to attract the vistors . It’s a really unmissable experience .

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