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Horror in Francesco Goya Dark Paintings.

There ,at prado museum in Madrid the Dark Paintings of Goya still full of horror . Maybe the horror he himself witnessed once ago and manged to transfer it to the vistors of the museum . The strange about these paintings that, they were painted on the walls of his own house . He wanted to create an atmosphere of horror to live into it and let his successors feel what he saw .

Let’s learn a little about the history of Goya and his famous house . After becoming the painter of the royal palace Goya became deaf for anonymous reasons . Goya isolated himself from the outside world . His isolation reached the top at 1872 when he bought ” Quinta del sordo ” ,whic mean in Spanish the house of the deaf man .

After that, Goya isolated himself into the hous and start painting his famous Dark Paintings on the walls! . They were not seen until 1872 when the Barron Irlanger bought the house and ordered to move the paintings to Prado museum . The historians choosed horrible names for the horrible drawings as Goya didn choose ones .

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