Therapeutic spots in Egypt

Among all the therapeutic spots in the world , Egypt has a great reputation . This isn’t for nothing or by chance . The natural therapeutic places are always open and welcoming . Let’s take a tour .


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Safaga is an important location for patients with psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis; the high mountains in safaga act as a shield against wind and sand storms and therefore the air is dry and clean with no particles to reflect the sun rays that are somehow essential for the treatment of psoriasis.
Safaga also has several coral reefs with salty water which further helps in psoriasis treatment by improving blood circulation and the balance of saline inside and outside thepsoriasi
Elements found in the sand and black sand found in safaga soil are also important for arthiritis treatment. Patients are buried totally, except the head, in the black sand twice a day for two months. This has proven to be a very important treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.
On the other hand psoriasis patients bath in the sun for a period prescribed by the physician and improvements should be seen in a month’arthriti


Sinai has several important locations for health tourism two of these are: Oyun moussa and Hammam pharoan
The sulphuric properties of Sinai had drawn the attention of early French explorers since it has the highest known level of sulphuric water in the world.
Hammam pharoan , a group of hot springs, is a very important location for the management of rheumatoid patients.
Furthermore , a cave on top of the springs is used as a hot bath with well known therapeutic benefits for rheumatism.


Dry weather in aswan makes it a great place for “sand baths” where people bath in the sand as to cure from chronic rheumatic disease and rheumatism.The dry weather in aswan is also thought to be useful in treating bronchial asthma
Many hotels and physiotherapy centers in aswan are present providing providing superb services to tourists and locals and specializing in several massage therapies.
Furthermore and as previously mentioned the hot sand surrounding aswan is used to treat rheumatoid patients however the landscape and scenery are which make the treatment exclusive.

Taken from : therapeutictourism.tripod.com

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