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Best Healing Spots In Egypt 5

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Healing tourism is a dream for many, who have relaxing issues and those who can’t deal with daily routine problems. That means all of us. So come on take a break, jump in the plane and come to Egypt. You’ll find all what you want.


In Sinai you’ll find many mineral and sulphuric eyes with healing power for many diseases, skin diseases and joint pain. The most famous eyes are Hamamat Pharaon and Hamamat Musa.


Safaga with its warm weather and shiny sun most fo the year help curing high blood pressure, Epilepsy, Pulmonary tuberculosis, heart disease and others.
The sand is full of unharmful nuclear ingredients (Uranium, Thorium and Potassium) and high amount of Gold Salts, which help curing Rheumatoid arthritis, Hinge joint and Psoriasis.


In Hurgada you’ll see many tourism healing resorts, Hurgana Physiotherapy center. Also the sand is full of mineral ingredients.


Humidity in Helwan is less than 55%. Also there are many mineral and sulphuric eyes. Som many come for curing.
Hmamat Helwan was built in the time of Abbas Helmy the second and became curing center of Physiological and neurosis diseases, Asthma and others.


The most beautiful wintering in the world and with its geographic location, Aswan became a relaxing centre. The most famous spots are Elephantine island and Isis Island Resort.
People in Nuba are famous for herbal healing especially, Colic renal, Indigestion and high blood pressure curing.

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