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Tour in the cities of Tunisia

62th national day

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ترجمة_ أحمد إبراهيم

Tunisia, the most beautiful country in Maghreb. Unfortunately, Tunisia isn’t that famous for tourists. It’s a great loss for them, tourists of course. So in her 62th national day, we decided to take a tour around charming cities of Tunisia. Let’s have some fun.

City of Duze

In the heart of desert stands city of Duze with its sand dunes and annual festival just in the middle of the pure desert full of colours of horse dancing and Bedouin dancing, delicious Bedouin food, horse riding contest and many adventures you’d like to write down in your life resume like Camel riding and having lunch in a tent.


Tataouine is in the southeast of Duze, the farest southern city in Tunisia. There you’ll find the grain stock of Barbers the inhabitants of the city and Hadada Palace.

El Djem

Lays on the north coast but it isn’t what it famous for. El Djem palace or Colosseum Thydrus wil give you moments of history where brave men fought liones just to amuse the Roman Nobles. Now it became one of UNESCO’S places for national treasures where many festival and concerts held.


Full of resorts and hotels that will give you fancy accommodation with a view of the sea .


Full of grea Romans monuments you’ll should be curious about and Antonine Baths. Also in UNESCO’S list.

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