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Tunisia is one of the best healing destinations with its healing and relaxing sites like hot springs and bathes. The fine weather in Tunisia helps too. So it became the 2nd healing destination after France.

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Bourkeba Baths

Bourkeba baths in the Northwest of Tunisia. One of the most important healing spots where many tourists come to heal with mineral water and sea algae. They also use plants from the ground like thyme and wormwood.


About 70km far from the capital, Korbous is famous for its 7healing water eyes in the mountain of Korbous like Sabia Eye, Atros Eye and others.

Sea water

Tunisia bulit its first sea healing centre in1994 in Susa, which gave her the second blace after France. Sea water healing helps a lot in supporting healing tourism and national income as many tourists come every year to have this experience.

Djerba island

In 2014 Djerba was picked as a centre of sea water healing for all toursts and visitors from all over the world.

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