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A Trip to the beautiful city of Puncak

Tha nature of Puncak takes visitors in an amusing voyage away of noise and pollution. A beautiful city where you can rest and throw off all your problems to have a nice quiet holiday and get back fresh. Let’s take a tour.

Taman Safari
A large zone in Puncak Mountain full of nearly 2500 species of animals like Bengali Tigers, bears, monkeys, giraffes, and elephants. Also some endangered species like rihnos, white tigers and other.

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Lido lake

Lido lake in Puncak full of great scenes and romance. The same as Lido lake in Italy and that’s the secret of the name.

Telaga Warna lake

One of the best sites in Puncak. With its lights and colour the tourists can’t help visiting it. Let me teel you a secret, the colours of Telaga Warna always change.

Twin Waterfall

The Twin Waterfall is about 15 metres high. Its clear water and cliff that looks like a small cave, the place will make you feel like in heaven.

Masjed Att Awun

One of Puncak’s most important sites. The Masjed was built in 1997 by genius architectures who used the best materials to make the best place surrounded by beautiful gardens full of wonderful roses.

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