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3 Destinations for your Springy hoiday

Who doesn’t like tge sun and the smil when Spring begins? Well it’s tge time we’ve been waiting for . So get your bag ready and follow me to the Spring heaven.


Cruising between Oregon, Idaho, and Washington along the Snake and Columbia Rivers provides access to the country’s deepest gorge and the continent’s greatest concentration of waterfalls—best visited in spring when winter melt ensures a thunderous show. Yakama, Umatilla, Warm Spring, and Nez Perce tribes have lived along these rivers for centuries and are known for their intricate basket weaving and dip-net salmon fishing. Trace Lewis and Clark’s footsteps at Fort Clatsop, sample the biodynamic wines at Syncline Winery, or visit the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum on the second Saturday of the month, when volunteers can take antique cars and planes out for a
spin. Go with Nat Geo:Encounter the stunning landscapes.



During spring the rainy season of wildflowers and greener pastures winds down. Baby elephants and lion cubs take their first steps onto the savanna. Travel costs are low. Evenings are cool. Admittedly, greater access to food and water can make wildlife viewing a challenge this time of year, but by late May wateringholes begin to dry and the giraffes and black rhinos re-emerge from their hiding spots. If ostriches, zebras, and cheetahs aren’t alluring enough, perhaps sandboarding on Namib desert dunes will do the trick.



Japan’s cherry blossom season begins at the country’s southern tip in mid-January, then blooms northward to a rosy May finale in Hokkaido. There are hundreds of ways to hanami (the Japanese word for celebrating cherry blossom season): strolling Tokyo’s Nakameguro canal after house-made ramen at Kaduya; dipping into sakura (cherry blossom) hot springs in Kawazu; or boating down the kite-strung Kitakami River to Tenshochi Park where 10,000 cherry trees arc into irresistible pale pink allées. At the Takayama Spring Festival in the Hida mountains, cherry blossoms have been celebrated for over 300 years with an exquisite lantern-lit parade of antique golden floats.

Taken from: nationalgeographic.com/travel

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