GLOW GETTER: Rahil Hessan talks about the magic of keeping your glow between motherhood and entrepreneurship

Rahil Hesan, an Iranian fashion entrepreneur based in Dubai has made waves in the past with her collections being showcased in New York and LA Fashion Week, Fashion TV in Paris and both in Dubai Bridal Show and Fashion Week. She was also part of Ahlan Hot 100 last 2016 and now, a mother of one, Rahil juggles the extremities between motherhood and being a fashionable modern woman.

Some people may have overlooked the stress motherhood could bring and Rahil has managed to find a way of keeping herr glow through all the demands our skin needs. Being in her late 30s, she has not been afraid to bare it all and go all the way when it comes to taking care of herself and as cliché as it sounds, the first step for a natural glow is maintaining a healthy diet that works for you and your body and yes, staying hydrated throughout the day is part of it. Because feeling good on the inside translates to looking good and radiant outside.

Less is more when it comes to her regimen. Rahil has four key things when it comes to looking fresh and healthy; Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize and Protect. She starts to wash her face with a mild facial foam to warm up her skin for further cleansing. Then tone with micellar water to deeply remove all the impurities and any make-up residue – Toners without alcohol content is the best for your skin to preserve the natural oils it produces. Just like us humans, our skin also gets thirsty, so Rahil makes sure her skin is always moisturized with a product that contains high-moisture components and mineral oils to lock in the moisture. Rahil is always out and about with her business and catering to her child’s needs from day to day and this last step is very essential but mostly forgotten. She keeps her skin protected from the harmful rays of the sun with sunscreen with at least SPF 50. Protecting your skin from UV Rays will prevent your skin to be prone to lines and wrinkles.

These steps are not only easy but also very efficient when it comes to skincare and could be a strong base for your routine by incorporating few of your staple products. Rahil only proves that you can be a mother and an entrepreneur without sacrificing self-care. At the end of the day we all need to be glow-getters.

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